Prize Estação Imagem 2018
Verão Negro
Patrícia Melo Moreira

In 2017, Portugal was devastated by the deadliest wildfires of the country's history, that killed more than one hundred people between June and October. Over 440.000 hectares of forest and scrub, mainly... more

Picture of the year Prize
O frío dos refuxiados
Gabriel Tizón

A young refugee at dusk after bedding with heated water with fire under a bridge near the border between Serbia and Croatia on a winter day at 0 degrees. Since the closure of borders by the European Union... more

Picture of the year Honorable Mention
Nuno André Ferreira

During the driest summer of the last 90 years, forest fires have taken over the center and north of the country. In Tondela, on the night of October 15, the flames invaded the county by entering the city.... more

Picture of the year Honorable Mention
Bons Amigos
Filipe Amorim

Rafael Leão kicks the face of Mattheus Oliveira, his team-mate, during the game between ARC Oleiros and Sporting CP in the Estádio Municipal de Oleiros, for the third round of the Portuguese Cup 2017/18.

News Prize
Um País em Luto
Rui Duarte Silva

More than 100 people died of wildfires in Portugal, making 2017 the most tragic year in the country's wildfires history. High temperatures, winds of 100km / h, and lack of humidity resulted in the creation... more

Contemporary Issues Prize
Maciço Antigo
Luís Preto

Through the ancestral domains of mountains and plateaus that bond Minho and Trás-os-montes, the author explores a multitude of geographical and historical connections that form a solid and intricate mesh,... more

Contemporary Issues Honorable Mention
Foras da lei
José Ferreira

A labyrinth of brick and gravel blocks our view and our curiosity. Much like the story and truth of the '6 de Maio' neighborhood in Lisbon. The truth is that it exists, even if we don't want it, mixing... more

Daily Life Prize
O bairro esquecido
Rui Oliveira

Known as one of the most insurgent drug markets in Oporto, Aleixo neighborhood is not what it used to be. The initial complex of 5 towers (13 floors each), is now reduced to 3. The demolition process started... more

Daily Life Honorable Mention
O renascer de Isabel Batata Doce
Rui Oliveira

It took 52 years for the circle to close. In 1965, during the Colonial War of Angola, a group of Portuguese soldiers found a baby in the bushes. They named her Isabel Batata Doce and brought her to Portugal,... more

Arts and Shows Prize
A Semana Santa de Braga
Gonçalo Delgado

Braga, a Bimillan city, is one of the oldest Christian cities in the world - with a vast religious heritage, churches abound in its Historic center similar to Rome.   During Holy Week, religious celebrations,... more

Nature Prize
Incêndios Florestais em Portugal
Mariline Alves

A real hell on earth. June and October 2017. Two months that plunged Portugal into a deep and difficult struggle to overcome. More than one hundred dead is the balance of a tragic summer in the country.... more

Set of Portraits Prize
Leonel de Castro

Wound is a photographic essay about female breast cancer, in which disease and love are in conflict. The female universe approached goes from 25 to 45 years of age. The disease is transversal to all ages... more

Set of Portraits Honorable Mention
Mário Lopes Pereira

For this work, I followed a group of barbers in a collaborative project helping people who are destitute for some reason. This resulted of a collaboration with Acredito, an Association aiding homeless... more

Sports Prize
À prova de água
António Pedro Santos

Alexandre Albernaz is one of the many Paralympic athletes who suffer daily the vicissitudes of a life that is already conditioned but which is still hampered by the absence of the necessary state support.... more

Northwest Peninsular Prize
O Salto
Bruno Miguel Silva Pereira Fonseca

The cartography of the Portuguese emigration is made of wrinkles, furrows in the streak and in the face. The departure of the emigrant is indelibly associated with the lack, the practice of resistance... more

Prize Europe Prize
Geração X
Rui Duarte Silva

A generation of students without borders. Suitable for everything in any area. Taking advantage of the technology, they better manage their time, where and how to dedicate it. They are intelligent and... more



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