Prize Estação Imagem 2017
Rio de Janeiro – O custo humano dos grandes eventos desportivos
João Carvalho Pina

Rio de Janeiro has gone through a large scale transformation in the run up to the World Cup 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games. A period accompanied by budget cuts in housing, security, and in the health... more

Picture of the year Prize
Felipe Carnotto

Each summer, Galicia and Portugal’s countryside are set ablaze with bushfires. In Spain, WWF estimated 59,065.74 ha of burned land in 2016 alone. Most of the wildfires are caused by human action... more

Picture of the year Honorable Mention
O suicidio dos refuxiados
Gabriel Tizón

March 22nd 2016. A refugee is helped by other refugees after attempting suicide by setting himself on fire at the Idomeni border in Greece. In March 2016 some E.U. countries closed their borders across... more

News Prize
Mama Sumae
Tiago Miranda

To become a commando trooper in Portugal cadets go through a demanding military training pushing them to the limits both physically and psychologically. On average, only 25% reach full completion. Two... more

News Honorable Mention
A campanha dos afectos
José Carlos Carvalho

Close to the people and still standing there, only now as the President of the Republic. Never backing away from a kiss or a hug, Marcelo led the campaign with ‘affections’ and by ‘bridging... more

Contemporary Issues Prize
6 de Maio
Ana Brigida

Tourism in Lisbon’s city centre has skyrocketed over the last few years and new businesses have seemingly boosted the economy. But in the outskirts of the city many tenants, most of African descent,... more

Daily Life Prize
João Ferreira

“Archipelago” is about authentic people in their real contexts in a particular insular African region of meagre natural resources. A plunge in two islands of the archipelago named after a nation:... more

Arts and Shows Prize
Do outro lado
Paulo Pimenta

A record about the making of a dance performance with 18-30 year olds inmates at Santa Cruz Prison, developed under the ECAR project by Pele association. Using improvised dance as a language, sequences... more

Arts and Shows Honorable Mention
O Rio
Artur Machado

Festival Paredes de Coura is the Coura River. The sands along the banks draw us to nature and we find ourselves wrapped in the peacefulness of this dreamy landscape. We’re at the other side of the... more

Nature Prize
Binóculos na savana
Ana Brigida

Need sharpens the mastery. The anxiety of crossing Kruger Park without the proper equipment calls for some basic concepts of photography. That was how I came up with this idea of taking pictures with my... more

Nature Honorable Mention
Gonçalo Delgado

September 6th 2016. The small village of Soajo in the Peneda Gerês National Park is evacuated after a fire alarm. More than 2,000 firefighters try to control the flames. In three days, around 5,000... more

Set of Portraits Prize
Jesús Madriñán

“Dopo Roma” was thought as a continuation of Jesús Mondriñán’s concerns. He routed Roma’s clubs for a year armed with focus lenses, a tripod, and a large format... more

Sports Prize
"Corrida de cavalos é uma roleta animada"
Octávio Passos

A report made in May in the parish of Santo Isidoro, Marco de Canaveses, during the annual celebrations in honour of Santo Isidoro. The horse race was the tipping point of the festivities. While jockeys... more

Northwest Peninsular Prize
Xoán A. Soler

Accompanied by his brother Olivier, the 20 year old Juan Luis Marfil, who suffers from cerebral palsy, set out from Roncesvalles (Granada) on the 13th of September 2016 to claim “A Path without limits”.... more

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