Prize Estação Imagem 2021
Gonçalo Delgado

There is only one floor between the obstetrics and the intensive care unit. The elevator is the route to the scenario we all fear facing. On the fifth floor, the cries of the newborns bring some joy to... more

Picture of the year Prize
Brais Lorenzo Couto

The workers of the San Carlos de Celanova nursing home in Galicia, Spain, celebrate the birthday of Elena Pérez, a resident with 98 years old and who had overcome the coronavirus two weeks prior.... more

Picture of the year Honorable Mention
Nuno André Ferreira

A child is sitting inside a car near a forest fire in Oliveira de Frades, Portugal, on September 7 2020. Around 300 firefighters, 100 land vehicles, and ten firefighting planes fought this blaze in a difficult... more

News Prize
Manifestações contra o racismo
João Porfírio

African-American Walter Wallace, 27, died on October 25 in Philadelphia. He was killed by the police who, hitting him with at least 10 bullets, justified their action alleging that Wallace was wielding... more

Contemporary Issues Prize
Ana Brigida

Workers from the Santo António Parish Council in Lisbon dressed as Superheroes while working during the first lockdown of the covid-19 pandemic. The initiative sought to honor these people who work... more

Contemporary Issues Honorable Mention
Surda Cegueira
José Fernandes

César Casanova is 29 years old and was born deaf. At the age of 9 he started to lose his sight. Today his visual and hearing impairment is about 96%. Cesar’s world might be different from... more

Daily Life Prize
O Buraco
Tiago Fonseca

Agrações is located about 25 kilometers from Chaves. It is a small village with only twelve permanent inhabitants. There are no new buildings and, except for the few inhabited houses, the... more

Daily Life Honorable Mention
Francisco Romão Pereira

A narrative dedicated to my Mother. A story about life and resilience, about love and hope. Diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare type of cancer, in October 2012, she has since faced the disease and... more

Set of Portraits Prize
Despojos de Guerra
Leonel de Castro

The most persistent mark of human weakness is perhaps war, a brutal expression of the inability to live in harmony with others, those who think differently, who pray differently, who are different. The... more

Set of Portraits Honorable Mention
Entre as margens do ser
Pedro Gomes Almeida

Trans is defined as a person who has abandoned the identity that has been attributed to them by their own identity, in a process called gender transition. The transition often involves adapting the body... more

Set of Portraits Honorable Mention
HOME: Projetando o intangível em tempo de isolamento
Paulo Nunes dos Santos

In the first months of isolation, my children and I embarked on a collaborative project to develop a portrait series. As the reality of the lockdown settled, as a family we tried to come to terms with... more