Prize Estação Imagem 2022
Lume e Cinza
Adra Pallón

One of the most notable problems with the arrival of the summer season is the increase in forest fires, both in quantity and virulence, which is another consequence of climate change. EFFIS estimates... more

News Prize
Ucrania. Marcas da Guerra
Rui Duarte Silva

Desolation and despair multiply, city after city, village after village, from Irpin to Bucha, from Bashtanka to Mykolaiv, from Zalyssia to Kharkiv and so many other places. A country ravaged by a war it... more

Contemporary Issues Prize
Corredores da Morte
Leonel de Castro

Crossing the trails, entering the bush and knowing where to look, it is possible to travel back in time, there are so many living and silent testimonies of 13 years of Colonial War. It is the other side,... more

Contemporary Issues Honorable Mention
Da illa a Galiza
Adra Pallón

This report narrates the experience of migrants who arrived in the Canary Islands and ended up in Galicia after many months. Last year around 23,000 people of African origin arrived in the Canary Islands.... more

Contemporary Issues Honorable Mention
Xeración Perdida
Adra Pallón

We are the best prepared generation in the history of southern European countries. We were sold a future that does not exist here. We inherited the deindustrialization and turification of our countries.... more

Daily Life Prize
Desigualdade habitacional em tempos pandêmicos: A vida no Bairro da Jamaica.
José Sarmento Matos

This is an intimate story about a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Lisbon called Jamaica. This community of about 700 people is made up mostly of migrants from Africa or descendants from Angola, São Tomé... more

Daily Life Honorable Mention
Crise enerxética en Líbano
Brais Lorenzo Couto

The current energy crisis is more than a metaphor for the complicated situation in Lebanon. Electricity supply is a daily challenge. Except for those inhabitants who can afford a generator and fuel, the... more

Nature Prize
Brais Lorenzo Couto

As far as fires are concerned, 2022 was one of the worst years in the history of Spain since records have been kept. The abandonment of the territory has led to a total decline of ecosystems that have... more

Set of Portraits Prize
Onde Acaba a Cidade
Alex Paganelli

This project documents one of the most distant peripheral areas of the greater Lisbon, the terminal of the train line that connects the center of the capital to the town of Sintra. It shows the margins... more

Sports Prize
David Tiago

Tânia Chaves, 27 years old, was diagnosed with bone cancer (osteosarcoma) during the adolescence. Despite chemotherapy, the cancer spread to the muscles, which led to the amputation of her left leg. In... more