Prize Estação Imagem 2011
Nelson D'Aires

12 year old Leandro Pires disappeared in the waters of the Tua River in the city of Mirandela on the 2nd of March. Leandro lived in the village of Cedaínhos in the Mirandela Municipality and was... more

News 1st Prize
Enric Vives Rubio

The rainfalls that fell over Madeira Island on the 20th of February 2010 were the heaviest ever registered in Portugal. Serious floods and landslides occurred in Funchal’s city region leaving a trail... more

News 2ns Prize
Visita do Papa a Portugal através da TV
Nelson Garrido

The Pope’s visit to Portugal had a thorough coverage in the Portuguese news channels. The idea of the report was to ‘depict’ the coming of the Pope seen through a TV screen and to do... more

News 3rd Prize
O reino dos sonhos vazios
Carlos Palma

According to the United Nations, the Ukraine has the highest rate of HIV-positive citizens in all Europe with 360 thousand people infected. Each day, 50 Ukrainians die due to HIV related illnesses. In... more

Daily Life 1st Prize
Mãe entre muros
José Carlos Carvalho

Around 80% of convicted women are also mothers and the large majority has the custody of their children. The Portuguese justice system allows mothers to live with their babies in prison until they reach... more

Daily Life 2ns Prize
António Pedro Santos

In a time of economic crisis, camping is now and increasingly the preferred choice for a vacations’ getaway for many Portuguese. Although money is short, comfort is never to give up on. That is why... more

Daily Life 3rd Prize
Cova da Moura
Augusto Brázio

Located in Amadora municipality, Cova da Moura Neighbourhood is one of the largest and oldest enclaves of migrant population in Lisbon’s great metropolitan area. Officially classified as a degraded... more

Arts and Shows 1st Prize
Paredes de coura
Artur Machado

One of the most famous summer festivals in our country, Paredes de Coura Festival is always more than a simple line-up of gigs. Its 2010 edition testifies to the claim. Even though river Taboão... more

Arts and Shows 2ns Prize
Mais que a vida
Martim Ramos

In February 2010, film director Javier Téllez visited Lisbon as part of an invitation by F.C.Gulbenkian to direct a movie. With initial references such as Dürer’s rhino or the universe... more

Nature 1st Prize
Augusto Brázio

Portugal’s coastline is vast: 1,230 km in the continent, 667 km in the Azores Islands, 250 km in Madeira including the Desert Islands. AB more

Nature 2ns Prize
Animais de estimação
Valter Vinagre

This series departs from a metaphor on the relation between humans and animal species in daily life and hunting. Animals, once predators, companions, and food sources, are now transformed not in trophies... more

Set of Portraits 1st Prize
Bairro da estação
Nelson D'Aires

On the 8th of April in 2010, the European Commission called out member states to use EU funds for the social and economic integration of gypsy communities. Contrasting with the forced expulsions that took... more

Set of Portraits 2ns Prize
Retratos de um despedimento
Tiago Miranda

Being aware of unemployment rates trotting full speed in Portugal, I set out to give a face to this – something that would wish away with numbers and bring out the real people. The need to find a... more

Set of Portraits 3rd Prize
Candidatos presidenciais
Daniel Rocha

The presidential candidates running for the January 2011 elections started to attract the media’s attention around the end of 2010. Individual profiles were made for all six candidates. Each one’s... more

Sports 1st Prize
Guerreiro do norte
Leonel de Castro

Nuno Cruz, known as the ‘Warrior of the North’, became the first Portuguese boxer to win a world champion title in his league. Nuno won boxing’s highest title despite the weight gap with... more

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