Prize Estação Imagem 2019
Leonel de Castro

If there is ever a relief for loss, that can only be love. Portugal is amongst the few EU countries where care workers still lack formal status. The country has now 800k informal care workers. These are... more

Picture of the year Prize
Mulher Berber
Leonel de Castro

The Muslim woman has very few rights but many responsibilities. From domestic and family obligations to choosing what to wear, all choices are subjected to the husband’s scrutiny. In Morocco, land... more

Picture of the year Honorable Mention
Óscar Corral

“Transfer” designates the operation of moving migrants from one boat to another in high sea. Not all migrants are taken aboard the rescue ships. Many are rescued by merchant ships then moved... more

Picture of the year Honorable Mention
Esperança e crença
Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro

39 year-old Ratna Khaleesy is an Indonesian and Muslim woman living and working in precarious conditions in Macau, one of the wealthiest cities in the world. An emigrant, Ratna works as a housekeeper for... more

News Prize
A imagem do terror tem som
João Porfírio

On the 10th of August a wildfire swept across the districts of Monchique, Silves, and Portimão leaving on its trail 27ha of burned land and 41 wounded. The report begun when the fire was already... more

Contemporary Issues Prize
A doença maldita
Rodrigo Cabrita

Official estimates predict that by 2030 one in each two persons will have one cancer throughout his or her life. According to the 2017 Report by the National Programme for Oncological Diseases, the number... more

Contemporary Issues Honorable Mention
Bazaar de Órgãos
Gonçalo Fonseca

A WHO report claims an illegal organ is sold every hour worldwide. In India, kidney illnesses are increasingly common and more than 200 thousand kidneys are needed each year. Such demand spurred a black... more

Daily Life Prize
Volta ao Mundo duma famíla açoriana
Arlindo Camacho

Joana, Armindo, Benita, and Leonardo departed from Ponta Delgada’s harbour in Azores on the 6th of November 2016. On their sailboat, the family was set to circumnavigate the globe in two years. They... more

Arts and Shows Prize
É uma Questão de Fé – Semana Santa Zamora
Octávio Passos

Dating back to the 13th century, the celebrations of the Holy Week in Zamora are full of history, faith and culture and remain largely unchanged. Brotherhoods of penitents walk the city day and night followed... more

Nature Prize
Viver entre o que é deixado para trás
Mário Cruz

The heart of the city became its own shame. The Pasig river, once Manila’s economic centre, has been the mirror of a highly unequal society – 21,6% of the population lives below the poverty... more

Set of Portraits Prize
Torre - Viver na Escuridão
Ricardo Lopes

From São Tomé to the outskirts of Lisbon, they were promised dignity. Bairro da Torre in Camarate hosts a community brought from São Tomé Island under a bilateral agreement... more

Set of Portraits Honorable Mention
Tono Arias

The Entrudo remains a deeply rooted tradition in many villages of Galicia. Encarnados is a set of portraits of traditional Galician masks that fluctuates between fiction and reality. These portraits attempt... more

Sports Prize
Canhão da Nazaré
Octávio Passos

The Nazaré Canyon is an undersea gorge off the coast of Nazaré. Said to be the largest in Europe, it spans 230km (140mi) with depths reaching 5km (16,000ft) below the seafloor. Due to the... more

Sports Honorable Mention
Dentro do Ring
Eduardo Leal

Fifteen years ago it would be unthinkable to have women fighting Muay Thai in any ring in Thailand. Today things are changing and more and more women get to practice one of the most popular sports in the... more

Prize Europe Prize
Rui Oliveira

Along the tracks of São Miguel Island in Azores they walk in line assured by a faith stronger than the fog that covers them in the night. Dozens of men – ‘brothers’ by soul –... more



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