Prize Estação Imagem 2010
Paulo Pimenta

The train in Sabor halted its route there on the 1st of August in 1988. Together with Pedro Garcia, we walked and drove along the track between Pocinho and Duas Igrejas near Miranda do Douro. All at once,... more

News 1st Prize
Crise em são joão da madeira
Ricardo Meireles

São João da Madeira is the country’s smallest municipality with slightly more than 21,000 inhabitants. Despite its size, the region succeeded in the industrial sector and was known... more

News 2ns Prize
Imigrantes da mauritânea
Nelson Garrido

Eight hundred kilometres separate Mauritania from the Canary Islands, a swath of sea crossed every year by thousands of clandestine migrants in search of what they idealise as paradise: Europe. For them,... more

Daily Life 1st Prize
João Carvalho Pina

With around 10 million inhabitants, Rio de Janeiro’s metropolitan area is one of the most violent urban areas in the world – an average of 18 people were shot dead per day over the last 20... more

Daily Life 2ns Prize
Nacho Doce

This work is dedicated to my Godmother who suffered from Alzheimer, and to my Mother who, at the age of 75, had to meet in her eyes and in her heart with an illness foreign to her – devastating and... more

Daily Life 3rd Prize
Concurso de cozinheiros do exército russo
Nelson D'Aires

A cooking contest boasting varied types of food is surely a fantastic thing though also common. But when the contest is a military event in the heart of Russia, then it becomes something unique. More so... more

Arts and Shows 1st Prize
Gonçalo Rosa da Silva

Christie’s auction of impressionistic art in London opened in February 2009, right at the peak of the global financial crisis. The jewel of the event was Monet’s “Dan la Prairie”.... more

Nature 1st Prize
Nuno André Ferreira

With the country’s inlands under ferocious fires, the year 2009 was not even that bad – we've had it much worse. But, for the local populations, fires are always dramatic. Not least because... more

Set of Portraits 1st Prize
Guillaume Pazat

The Bouça housing complex in Porto is a social housing project designed by architect Siza Vieira in the post-revolution years. Settled in Boavista, one of the top sought after districts for redevelopers,... more

Sports 1st Prize
Apresentação de CR9
Jorge Monteiro

A dream coming true was only a few hours away. His day started off quietly and at peace. His feet – Cristiano Ronaldo’s most precious gift – had all the attention before he would settle... more

2009, Year of General Elections 1st Prize
Última semana de campanhado PSD para as eleições legislativas de 2009
Nelson D'Aires

This is the portrait of a politician in campaign. Someone with a reserved demeanour and who has always been weary of the methods, scale, and contents normalised in today’s political campaigns. The... more

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