Prize Estação Imagem 2012
António Pedrosa

In the suburb of Iraq (Carrazeda de Ansiães, Trás–os–Montes) there lives a community of about one hundred twenty Gipsies. As far as the nineties, they used to wander from... more

News 1st Prize
João Carvalho Pina

the 28th of January 2011, inspired by the events happening in Tunisia, the inhabitants of Cairo stopped feeling afraid of the dictatorship they were living in and came out massively... more

News 2ns Prize
Nelson D'Aires

On the first of December 2011 the fishing boat Virgem do Sameiro, with six men aboard, was reported missing off the coast of Figueira da Foz. The shipwrecked were all from Caxinas, Vila do Conde, except a... more

News 3rd Prize
Mário Cruz

In June 2011 the Prime Minister José Sócrates faced a new election fight. With the country plunged in a deep economic crisis, Sócrates travelled from North to South looking for... more

Daily Life 1st Prize
Miguel Proença

The birth of science was the death of superstition. Thomas Huxley Man has always looked for answers. Throughout history, in the course of times, we have always tried to find ways to justify our... more

Daily Life 2ns Prize
José Ferreira

Ninja is 42 years old and he has been a drug addict for twenty. Nowadays he is living in a shack in Olhão which looks like paradise when compared to the cells he went through. Many people are welcome... more

Daily Life 3rd Prize
Rui Gaudêncio

It is the most recent method of body conservation. It consists in a set of techniques applied to a corpse, such as washing and injecting preservatives which avoid the risk of infection. Restoration... more

Arts and Shows 1st Prize
Uma “Fábrica” de Teatro
Rui M Oliveira

From an old textile factory located on 341, Alegria Street, Porto, was born in 2005 ESMAE (Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espectáculo), a factory occupied by eight new theatre companies,... more

Arts and Shows 2ns Prize
Portugal Fashion
Paulo Pimenta

Portugal Fashion – a three day monitoring of events, an approach to backstage and fashion show. PM more

Arts and Shows 3rd Prize
Miguel Riopa

For several days SONAR Festival brings together thousands of young people in the Galician town of Corunna anxious to listen to the latest djs’ performances and electronic and progressive... more

Nature 1st Prize
Tommaso Rada

Mozambique is a country rich of forest, most of them are located in the Zambesia region and close to the Gorongosa Park. Today the situation of Mozambique forests is dramatic and in case nothing will change... more

Nature 2ns Prize
José Antunes

This set of photographs is based on my work for the international project Meet Your Neighbour, which brings the studio outdoors and photographs wild animals against white backgrounds, using a... more

Nature 3rd Prize
Vlad Sokhin

Pelo menos uma vez por semana um aldeão de Tete morre devido ao ataque de um crocodilo no rio Zambeze. Morrem cerca de oitenta pessoas por ano e centenas delas ficam estropiadas. Mas o número... more

Set of Portraits 1st Prize
Filipe Branquinho

Mozambique has a total area of 799,380km2. This territory is built of men and women, children and old people, natives and foreigners, Christians and Muslims, Zionists and Atheists, sick people and healthy... more

Set of Portraits 2ns Prize
Adriano Miranda

In 1993 I carried out a photography project in a Primary School at Cabanelas (Vale de Cambra). It was a very poor school with eleven pupils and a teacher. There was only one room for the four classes.... more

Sports 1st Prize
Pedro Cunha

Report on the best spots for the practice of surfing in Portugal. PC more

Sports 2ns Prize
Ricardo Meireles

Congress of the International Riding Competition in Oporto – CSI. RM more

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