Prize Estação Imagem 2014
Cegueira Recente
Mário Cruz

The Nossa Senhora dos Anjos Rehabilitation Center promotes social integration for people with recent blindness and low vision. Located in Lisbon, Portugal, the center welcomes people from the Community of... more

News 1st Prize
On fire
Pedro Armestre

One of the great problems of the Iberian Peninsula during the summer are forest fires. This catastrophe requires governments to put in practice a common strategy in order to minimize... more

News 2ns Prize
Cheias no Reguengo do Alviela
Mário Cruz

The village of Reguengo do Alviela, in the center of Portugal, becomes annually an island during the winter period. The Tagus River waters rise, causing floods and affecting the daily lives of... more

News 3rd Prize
Acidente de Comboio
Monica Ferreirós

On 24 July 2013, an Alvia train derailed in the area of Angrois, Santiago de Compostela. Eighty people died. The train travelled at 190 km/hour in a zone signposted as 80 km/hour, and... more

Contemporary Issues 1st Prize
Portugal, a anti-democracia do empobrecimento
Bruno Simões Castanheira

In May 2011, during a very serious international economic crisis, the Portuguese government signed a memorandum of agreement, for economic and financial policies, with the European Union, the... more

Contemporary Issues 2ns Prize
Os Últimos
Tommaso Rada

The Last Ones is a report on the daily fight for survival of 3 million Portuguese, 30% of the population, who live below the poverty line. Some of these people cannot find a job and when they do, they... more

Daily Life 1st Prize
Aprender a sobreviver
Rodrigo Cabrita

They are infants or children up to six years of age and cannot swim. But if by accident anyone falls into a pool, a stream or a garden lake, they do not sink to the bottom. They know exactly what to do... more

Daily Life 2ns Prize
Semana de praia para idosos
Rodrigo Cabrita

The departure time is scheduled for 8AM but some people just can’t wait and arrive an hour earlier, when the first rays of light bring in another day. The euphoria is too big and difficult to control.... more

Arts and Shows 1st Prize
Body Language
José Ferreira

Inspired by Leonard Nimoy’s project The Full Body, this work arises from an interest over the representation of the female figure, free of prejudices, beyond the so commonly idealized beauty... more

Nature 1st Prize
Paisagem Multiplicada
Sérgio Rolando

The Douro Valley landscape is quite consensual. It is said to be unique, spectacular and sublime. It has been attributed with the title “World Heritage Site”. Its consumption is a continuous... more

Nature 2ns Prize
Ágata Xavier

Photography is one of the few techniques that allow us to stop time – others would be to steal all the world’s watch pointers, breaking every clepsydra or covering up the sun. Freezing... more

Set of Portraits 1st Prize
Os Manifestantes
Artur Machado

Workers of the Viana do Castelo shipyards, family members and inhabitants of the region protest against the government’s decision to privatize the state owned company, which can put over 600 jobs... more

Sports 1st Prize
Capeia arraiana
Bruno Simões Castanheira

The capeia arraiana is a traditional bullfight show, typical of the area of Ribacoa, a group of villages bordering Spain. Considered ethnographic heritage, it’s a “corrida” (bullfight)... more

Sports 2ns Prize
Havai da Europa
Octávio Passos

Surf began in Madeira in 1970, in the villages of Paul do Mar, Jardim do Mar and Ponta Pequena. Almost all surf spots are rocky, and in the winter all waves appear to be over six meters tall. Madeira... more

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