Prize Estação Imagem 2015
A troika foi embora, mas a austeridade ficou
Bruno Simões Castanheira

On May 17 2014, Portugal abandoned the recovery program solicited to Troika (European Commission, Central European Bank and International Monetary Fund). After a 3-year recession and a fiscal consolidation... more

News 1st Prize
O Padre
André Gouveia

By decision of the Bishop of Porto, Albino Reis was sworn in on 9 November as pastor of Canelas, but a large group of citizens always challenged the substitution of Father Roberto, his predecessor. The... more

Contemporary Issues 1st Prize
Galgos, corridas e perseguições
Rui Duarte Silva

A combination of long and powerful legs, deep chest, flexible spine and athletic bearing, allows greyhounds to reach running speeds of over 65 kilometers per hour. In Portugal, the races began more than... more

Contemporary Issues 2ns Prize
João Miguel Gomes da Silva

After years of study, he seeks a job, a temporary occupation. Reduced to statistics, to a curriculum vitae and defeated by permanent feelings of inadequacy, he now closes himself in his room smoking drugs... more

Daily Life 1st Prize
Sozinhos na cidade
Rui Duarte Silva

After a unique summer, tourism in the city of Porto continues high and in 2014 broke all records. Regardless of the time of year, Porto is increasingly seen as a tourist destination, as evidenced by the... more

Daily Life 2ns Prize
Luta contra a fome
Rui M Oliveira

About 500 thousand Portuguese need food aid to combat hunger. They resort to Private Institutions of Social Solidarity, the Food Bank, vans that distribute food to the homeless through the country’s... more

Arts and Shows 1st Prize
Paulo Pimenta

At first, the posters were mere information for the photographer. Looked at the amalgam of some glued to each other to choose the concert or play that he did not want to miss. Afterwards, they became artistic... more

Arts and Shows 2ns Prize
O maior espectáculo do mundo
Francisco Salgueiro

Over the past few years the circus has gone from being the “greatest show on Earth” to become a diversion that goes from place to place without the viewers realizing, in most cases, that the... more

Nature 1st Prize
Árvores de plástico
Eduardo Leal

Over the past few years the circus has gone from being the “greatest show on Earth” to become a diversion that goes from place to place without the viewers realizing, in most cases, that the... more

Nature 2ns Prize
Animação Suspensa
Douglas Rogerson

The Ceras – Study and Recovery Center of Wild Animals, in Castelo Branco, sometimes receives injured or poisoned animals that eventually die or have to be slaughtered. After the autopsy, the heads... more

Set of Portraits 1st Prize
Natalia Szemis

Imaginarium is a story about the inner world of blind or partially sighted children. They were asked how they imagined and they answered back with remarkable self-portraits. They showed things they were... more

Set of Portraits 2ns Prize
Todos diferentes, todos iguais
António Pedro Santos

Created in 2012 in the US as an event to promote health and happiness, Color Run exists already in more than 30 countries and 170 cities. In Cascais, on May 17, 14 thousand participants painted with colour,... more

Sports 1st Prize
Fé, Futebol e Bola Pr’á Frente
Daniel Rodrigues

Controversies and protests against the massive spending on the production of the 2014 FIFA World don’t undermine the Brazilian faith in an equality that is generated by football. When there is a... more

Sports 2ns Prize
Evolução Multifacetada do Ser Humano
Gonçalo Delgado

“A healthy mind in a healthy body” is a maxim that applies to the life experience of Stanislav Nosov, Russian naturalized Portuguese that with the demise of the Soviet Union, starved, stole... more

Northwest Peninsular 1st Prize
Batalha Naval
António Pedro Santos

All over the world there is a ship built in the shipyards of Viana do Castelo. From the Faroe Islands to the United States, about 220 boats have the logo of the largest Portuguese shipbuilding company.... more

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